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Preventing Your Dog From Biting

Millions of people are bitten by dogs every year. Each bite ranges in severity, and while having dog bite homeowners insurance can come in handy in these situations, prevention is often more important. Take the following steps to stop your dog from biting altogether.

Recognize When Your Dog Is About to Bite

Dogs are most likely to bite when they are feeling aggressive or scared. If your dog tenses up and stares at something, then it might be getting ready to bite. Dogs also typically bite out of fear. If your dog starts cowering and tucks its tail between its legs, then it may bite because it feels like it cannot escape a frightening scenario.

Have a Professional Train Your Dog

You can take your pooch to the vet in order to see if there is a medical explanation for why your dog is biting either in play or in aggravation. Sometimes a dog just needs to be trained so that it learns not to bite people. Teaching your dog some basic commands such as “Sit” or “Stay” can also be very beneficial in preventing bites.

Sometimes a dog, no matter how well-trained it is, will still bite for no real reason. Having dog bite homeowners insurance is always good to have in your back pocket for these kinds of situations.