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Prioritizing Safe Operating Practices in the Cleaning Industry

Cleaning company managers need to be highly attentive to safety. There are a variety of occupational hazards that they need to be aware of and address. By following cleaning industry best practices, managers can help their personnel safe while avoiding potentially costly liability.

Implement Training Initiatives

Workers need training about some of the most serious risks involved in their work. In general, it is good for training to consist of interactive dialogs that engage workers. Simply handing out written materials may not really convey the importance of individual training topics.

Follow Applicable Regulations

State regulations established by OSHA and others can offer guidance on key safety matters such as personal protective equipment. Regulations also address the safe use of potentially dangerous equipment such as ladders. Managers must be knowledgeable about all rules and regulations that apply to their industry and practice full compliance.

Create Procedures for Enforcement

In addition to creating policies and training staff about them, managers need to establish ways to enforce policies. Enforcement may include delegating supervisory authority to staff members or issuing written warnings to staff who deviate from safety policies.    

Ultimately, adhering to the best industry practices should be a core objective for cleaning professionals. A company culture that emphasizes safety benefits a company’s leadership and its workers.