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Pro Skateboarder Loses Lip in Dog Attack

After losing significant parts of her face in a dog attack that easily could have turned fatal, professional skateboarder Brooklin Khoury has remained a prime example of what can happen when people aren’t careful around animals. Even though the skateboarder knew the dog, that did not spare her from being bitten.

Preparing for Attacks

The attack on a public figure like Brooklin has highlighted the importance of having systems in place, like an emergency plan or dog bite insurance, in the event that an accident happens. Having insurance can cover the cost of medical bills if your dog bites someone.

Support Network

Brooklinn Khoury has many surgeries lined up for the future, where doctors will attempt to reconstruct her face. Each surgery involves preparation and recovery, which can be taxing emotionally and financially. Luckily, she has a support network that has stuck with her since the beginning, including her celebrity girlfriend, Chloe Lukasiak.

Owning a dog is usually a positive experience. Pets become part of your family, so you want to be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect them and yourself. You can prepare for events like what happened to Brooklinn Khoury by keeping your dog leashed around new people and investing in pet insurance to cover the cost of accidents.