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Protecting Your Most Important Asset: Human Capital

As millions are employed by a staffing agency each week, the risk of having something happen to these employees is ever present. The very nature of a staffing agency where employees technically work at one location, but are paid by a company at a different location suggests that there is a dire need for staffing agency insurance. It is critical to be prepared should any claim arise.

Rest at Ease with Staffing Insurance

Workers are the life blood of any agency and without the proper staffing insurance in place, a complaint might arise that could jeopardize the reputation and relationship of the agency and its employees. Agencies that have a particularly hard time filling some at-risk positions, will want to consider compiling a customized and extensive package should anything happen to their contract workers. Complete and comprehensive coverage may help relieve the onslaught of questions and concerns management would feel if a serious complaint came forward.

When, Not If

Within the staffing industry, agencies should be prepared for any type of liability case over the next few years of business. Staffing agency insurance can help settle any concerns business owners or staffing employees may feel. Given the extremely large amount of contract employees in the workforce today, staffing groups should prepare their risk management policy as a matter of “when” as opposed to “if.”