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Questions to Ask About Physician Disability Insurance

Few people will have enough insurance coverage for illnesses or injuries which cause lost wages. When it comes to getting insurance for potential disabilities it is a good idea to ask a couple of questions to make sure that you have the right coverage. Physician disability insurance plans for own occupation disabilities, for example, will help cover wages until a physician is able to get back to practicing their own specialty. Some disability plans are for any occupation and require that you prove that you cannot fulfill the duties of any occupation that you are qualified for and can result in receiving significantly less help than you need. Determining that your definition of eligibility and that of the insurance company is a good idea as that could affect your payout status if you are injured.


Another question that you should ask is about the portability of your physician disability insurance plan. If you decide to change employers or even become self-employed will your plan follow you or will you need a new one? Other ways that your policy may be cancelled are good to ask about too. For example, a non-cancelable policy is one that the company can only terminate if you stop making payments. You can also ask about the future of your policy such as are you able to make changes, when the coverage starts, and what rises in the premium can you expect.


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