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Save Your Back – Lift Safely!

Warehouses, retail stores, and even your home can be full of potential safety issues. One frequently overlooked issue is heavy lifting safety. Have you ever bent over to pick up something relatively light only to straighten up to an unwelcome pain in your back? Now compound that by adding significant weight to the item. Safe lifting practices are essential for you and your workforce to keep you injury-free and save money in workers comp claims and time missed.

Inventory Location

Organizing your inventory properly is the first step to safe lifting. Having your boxes and products easily accessible is great, but you also want to make sure it is easy and safe to retrieve. This will not only speed up the process but make it safer to do so.

Make sure the boxes are in good condition and not falling apart. Heavy boxes (25lb or more) should be stored at waist level. Lighter boxes should be stacked either on top or on separate shelves either below or above the heavy items.

Lift Safely

Once everything is in place, train your team on heavy lifting safety:

  • Bend knees
  • Keep back straight
  • Place hands on opposite bottom corners of the box
  • Use lifting belts if needed
  • Team lift all items over 50 pounds
  • Lift smoothly, without jerking

By training your team on heavy lifting safety and enforcing the policy, you can cut down on injuries and increase workplace safety.