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Selecting a Good Staffing Insurance Policy

Choosing the right temporary staffing insurance policy for your agency is an important process. Below are five steps that should be considered as you find the policy right for your office’s needs.


Look for a vetted company who knows the market and focuses on the staffing industry particularly. While some insurance providers might be able to loop your staffing agency into their broader policies for different businesses, finding an insurance provider who deals specifically with the staffing industry is best.

2. ASA Connection

Look for a provider that is very familiar with the American Staffing Association. This organization strives to be the voice of recruiting and the workforce solutions industry, so finding an insurance provider whose standards fall in line with the association’s code of ethics is imperative.

3. Statistically Backed

Find a portfolio that is backed by years of data and industry insights. A temporary staffing insurance policy is not a one-size-fits-all order. Statistics for the staffing industry should back all of the science that goes into the construction of your policy.

4. Network Connected

A sound provider will be thoroughly aware and informed of any and all news provided by the National Workers Compensation Committee and the American Staffing Association. The will know the latest legislation regarding the staffing industry and keep you abreast of the latest concerns.

5. Expansive Coverage

Find an insurance provider that offers coverage in many, if not all, of the United States. They should also have a responsive under writing team regardless of business hours and turnover.