Ship Repairer Coverage

Just as with any repair profession, workers who repair ships should be covered in the case that they cause any damage while on the job. Ship contractors can be held liable for damage or losses inflicted when they are working on a vessel, and they should understand the coverage that is available to them should problems arise.

Ship Repairers Legal Liability

Ship repairer risk can come in many forms. You are responsible not only for any damage you create on the boat, but you can also be held liable for accidents that cause injuries to those working. If a vessel needs to be tested on water or if it simply needs to be transported to another location for repair, you risk damage and losses there, too.

General Coverage

Legal liability coverage can protect you from all of these risks, especially if you are found negligent on the job (meaning your careless actions caused the damage). It covers the costs of vessels, equipment, and anything on board in the case that something should happen during your repairs.

Overlapping Coverage

Occasionally, some types of coverage will overlap with others, meaning that you’ll be doubling up on coverage you only need once. Be sure to check that your coverage includes everything you need and doesn’t leave any gaps or overlaying details.