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Soaring Above Your Operational Risks With Proper Coverage

Businesses that require the use of company vehicles on the job usually must purchase commercial auto insurance to cover these risks. Companies that make use of aircraft and watercraft have to make sure that they have the insurance products needed to cover the risks that are inherent to air and water operations. Often, businesses involving these particular vehicles will require special underwriting to make sure there’s adequate protection.

Understanding Your Aviation Needs

Airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft cannot be adequately covered with standard liability or commercial vehicle policies. You need solutions that address these risks that are typical for companies that work and deal in aviation:

  • Aviation General Liability
  • Aviation Cargo Liability
  • Industry-specific Workers’ Compensation
  • Damage to Aircraft Hull
  • Hangarkeepers’ Liability
  • Manufacturer’s Aircraft Products
  • Airside Liability Endorsements / Standalone Products

You will need to identify gaps in your protection and secure the appropriate coverages.

Determining Your Water Vessel Needs

A watercraft liability endorsement can cover your boats, yachts, and other vessels used for business purposes, whether owned or rented. The right insurer can also help you determine whether additional marine-based protections are necessary. Not all providers have the specific experience you need. Look for a provider that has a strong track record when it comes to providing both aviation and marine insurance products.