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How Social Media Can Improve Your Agent Insurance Marketing

If you think that social media is just for teenagers, you could not be more wrong. If you are interested in improving your agent insurance marketing, you must have a good social media strategy in place. Social media marketing is all about connecting with your customers on their own terms in the places they feel most comfortable. When done correctly, social media can benefit your bottom line.


A key part of social media agent insurance marketing is sharing a variety of interesting content and posting frequently. Mix up your social media calendar by sharing video, blogs, podcasts, images and more.


Social media advertising is advancing rapidly and can allow you to target ads at specific groups and demographics. Take advantage of social advertising capabilities to expose your business to a wider range of people.


A lot of companies make the mistake of only talking about themselves on social media. If one of your Facebook friends did this, chances are you would defriend them. Make sure to listen to your customers and engage in meaningful social interactions.

Doing social media marketing right can be time-consuming. If you are serious about agent insurance marketing, find a marketing agency that can create a strategy and manage your social media platforms so you can spend more time on your business while still seeing the benefits of social media marketing.