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Specialized Insurance Programs for Your Community Association’s Needs

When you’re choosing wholesale insurance for your community association, it’s important to consider the various specialized programs that are available. Some wholesale CAI programs may include the following:

Wholesale Insurance For Condo Associations

Because condo associations are responsible for building management and maintenance, they put themselves at particular risk for liability. Insurance policies for condo associations may include coverage for directors and officers (D&O), errors and omissions (E&O), and umbrella liabilities. D&O policies protect individual managers against claims such as injury in common spaces. E&O covers any gaps to further ensure that managers are protected against decisions they make on behalf of the organization. Finally, umbrella liability policies protect the organization against catastrophic loss or damage.

Wholesale Insurance for Timeshares

Timeshares often entail a particular set of insurance needs that are not covered by standard homeowner’s policies. Timeshare programs can also include D&O, E&O, and umbrella policies to protect property managers against liability concerns and the property against catastrophic events. Additionally, workers compensation policies can protect employees who take care of the property on behalf of the residents.

Wholesale Insurance for Homeowners’ Associations

Homeowners’ associations often face particular legal risks relating to natural disasters, budgeting, and property maintenance. It is important that they are covered by specific wholesale CAI programs. Such policies generally include D&O and workers compensation coverage. Additionally, they may include cyber liability policies to protect the organization against hacking and information loss. Morever, crime insurance can cover HOAs against damage such as fraud, theft, and forgery.

Ask your broker for a policy that fits your association’s needs.