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Steps to Secure Data Taken by a Previous Employee

Cyber breaches have made headlines in recent years with numerous happening on a monthly basis. Operating a staffing firm leaves you vulnerable to temporary employees using important data after leaving the job. What do you do when an employee left the company with important data?


One way to prevent this from happening is to limit the access employees have to sensitive information. Avoid allowing employees to use their phones or tablets to access the data offering instead access through a company computer. The less access the employee has to data, the less chance they have of taking it and doing nefarious or malicious things with it.


Upon termination of employment, all the employee’s accounts should be decommissioned. According to https://www.wwspi.com/, immediately deactivate all logins including email accounts and remote access. This limits what the employee can do once they no longer work for the company.


Any company hardware, access cards or paperwork should be collected before the employee leaves the building. This prevents them from accessing the building and any information stored on the hardware once they no longer work for the company.
An employee left company with important data doesn’t stop there. Protecting your staffing firm with cyber insurance can help you recover should the employee email or take sensitive information. Taking steps ahead of time can help minimize this risk.