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The Dangers That Lie Ahead for Healthcare

Perhaps the most important industry in the U.S. is the healthcare industry. As technology continues to evolve and permeate each area of life, risk in healthcare industry fields and facilities will be impacted by the progress. Unless protected by specific insurance coverage, these areas can catch your company off guard and create chaos.

Confidentiality and Data Management

As software applications and cloud-based storage continue to make data management and patient records easier to store and access, the risk of cybersecurity issues increases. Electronic records are used by providers of all types to treat and monitor their patients. Hackers and cybercriminals have increased their efforts on breaching the firewalls and defenses protecting this sensitive information, making it extremely important for healthcare agencies to carry insurance protection.

Infectious Diseases

Although technology and research advancements have created medicines and treatments for some of the most debilitating illnesses and diseases, there is a constant fear of superbugs. The superbug strains are resistant to antibiotics and threaten the well-being of patients in healthcare facilities across the country. Combating these strains has created a financial burden on the industry, with little sign of easing up.
Working to proactively address these areas of risk involves more than a checklist and training. The financial liabilities that accompany these scenarios require strong U.S. Risk programs to safeguard the company from loss.