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The High Tech Future of Crash Prevention

With the constant change in today’s world, it is always difficult to make decisions about what are the best technologies to have, especially when it comes to cars. There are all sorts of new technologies coming out each day and with each new development, there is more and more confusion as to what exactly is useful in preventing accidents and what simply adds another distraction on the road. Ideally, a new auto technology will, coupled with Loudon, Virginia auto insurance, protect you and your loved ones.

One of the more interesting developments is called EyeSight and is seen on the new Subaru models. EyeSight is essentially a system on the front of a car to help prevent crashes, much like the rear cameras that many cars have had for several years to help prevent people from backing into objects that they could not see through their rear view windows.

The idea behind EyeSight is that it helps to monitor the traffic around the car to help the driver avoid getting in an accident as much as possible. While Loudon, Virginia auto insurance would cover much of the damage caused in typical car accidents, this new development clearly has some superb advantages over older technologies, provided, of course, that it works the way it intends to.

In addition to using video cameras to monitor the traffic, EyeSight will be able to:

  • Use cruise control to adjust the speed of your car based on the speed of the car in front of you
  • Apply brakes automatically when there is serious danger of you getting into an accident
  • Notify you if you veer into another lane while driving

The system is not perfect, and simply because of human error, it will in no way eliminate all accidents in the world, but it might be able to help the tired driver who happened to veer into the lane next to him adjust before he causes an accident, or slow down someone who is going too fast in relation to the car in front of them.

While there are ways that this system might falter, it seems to have more positives than negatives and could potentially help save lives. Of course, when these accidents inevitably occur, on a car with or without EyeSight, Loudon, Virginia auto insurance will be able to help you.


photo credit: PorscheLosAngeles cc