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The Importance of Flood Insurance

Filing a flood insurance claim is something no one wants to do, but it is unfortunately not uncommon, particularly as seasonal weather patterns continue to shift and regions unaccustomed to flooding increasingly see high amounts of water. Carrying flood insurance will ensure that if faced with severe flooding — and consequent water damage to your property or personal effects — you will be financially and mentally prepared to deal with damages.

Filing an Insurance Claim

If there is a possibility of filing a flood insurance claim, it is helpful to understand some general aspects involved in the process:

  • Immediately after a flood, evaluate damage (before cleaning or repairing anything), and work to determine the value of damaged or destroyed items; you’ll ultimately want to document all damage with photos
  • Speak with your insurer about a claim, determining where your coverage limit is and whether it will cover the extent of damage
  • Submit all claims within 60 days of a flood

While you never want to be the one filing a flood insurance claim, there is always a chance it will happen. Ensuring you’re well-covered — including, if needed, carrying excess flood insurance — will allow for peace of mind in the interim and financial security in the event that significant damages do occur.