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The Ins and Outs of Law Enforcement Insurance

Police officers and many others working in law enforcement face constant threats to their safety.  In addition to this, they are under more scrutiny than ever before and constantly face allegations pertaining to wrongdoing.  They are often on the receiving end of claims of negligence, unlawful arrest, civil rights violations, and failure to protect.  These claims can be extremely costly for everyone involved.  Luckily, you can obtain law enforcement insurance to help pick up the fees.

Why Do You Need Law Enforcement Insurance?

There are many examples of costly claims being made on law enforcement agencies.  One example is the settlement agreement that was made with the family of Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee.  Dontre was killed by a police officer in 2014 and his family filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department.  This resulted in the department having to pay out a $2.3 million settlement.  Law enforcement insurance would typically be able to cover those legal fees.

Who Can Obtain Law Enforcement Insurance?

Law enforcement insurance is available for many different individuals working in law enforcement.  Some of these include:

  • Police departments
  • Sheriff’s departments
  • Prisons
  • Security companies
  • College/university police departments
  • Airport authorities

Working in law enforcement can be a risky business.  Protect yourself and your livelihood by investing in law enforcement insurance today!