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The Top 4 Ways to Prevent Injuries or Damage Inside a Laundromat

Due to varying types of risks, a laundromat business may greatly benefit from the coverage provided in a laundry insurance policy. Here we will discuss various ways in which a laundry operation can prevent damages or loss.

1. Correct Uneven Floor Drains

In the event of a flood or major water leak, a laundromat must have working drains that are positioned on the floor near washers. This helps quickly rid of excess water to avoid equipment damage or customer injury claims related to slips.

2. Post Up Rules or Warning Signs

Warning or rules signs may encourage customers to treat the equipment better and inform them of how to operate them correctly. Consider mentioning rules such as removing dryer lint with each use, monitoring children or placing wet floor signs by wet areas.

3. Regularly Inspect Equipment

A dryer that is not cleaned of lint or comes in contact with combustible material can lead to heavy fire damage, while a leaking washer may cause frequent falls or slips. A laundry insurance policy includes equipment breakdown coverage that covers the cost of repairs or income loss due to inoperable machinery.

4. Install Security Cameras

Since most laundromats are open 24/7 and unattended by staff, they’re likely targets of vandalism, unruly behavior or insurance fraud from injury claims. Security cameras may greatly discourage these types of adverse activities and provide proof if it’s needed to close a claim.