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Disruptive Thinking Delivers A Win for Business

Innovative companies think out of the box. They look at something and turn it inside out, upside down, to figure out how they can do it differently, or bring something new to the table. Many businesses have done this successfully.

Ford did it with its foot trunk release. The automaker has been advertising this innovative feature in commercials for the past year, because it truly changes the way you think about things. They looked at how to facilitate opening a car trunk when you’re not hands-free, and voila!, the concept of using your foot was developed. You can now kick open the trunk on some of Ford’s models by triggering a release mechanism under the car’s rear bumper with your foot.

Other business that put disruptive thinking into motion, which resulted in wins for their companies, include Wii. Wii turned the gaming industry on its head, becoming a big hit with consumers with a motion controller. Red Bull didn’t emphasize taste nor did it want to make you feel happy like Coca Cola. And Swiffer replaced the wet mop. They all threw out conventional thinking and came up with unexpected solutions to win the market.

Disruptive thinking, according to Luke Williams, an Adjunct Professor of Innovation at NYU Stern and author of “Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business”, is about making significant changes to the way you think about competition and the business you’re in. It’s not about how to spot a revolutionary change in technology or the marketplace. It’s about how to be that disruptive change. How to figure out a way to be the only one that does what you do. How to surprise the market with exciting, unexpected solutions. How to turn consumer expectations upside down and take an industry into its next generation.