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Three Coverage Options of Public School Insurance

If you are the administrator of a policy for public school insurance in Indiana, your policy might cover some or all of these things that you should know about. Make sure to be in regular communication with your insurance company so you can keep your school’s needs up to date and sufficiently insured.


Inland Marine Coverage


One less common coverage option is for inland marine. This option may be one of the less common known options because of its name. Rest assured you do not have to have any fish or marine life at your school to get this. This option actually offers coverage for equipment that you are moving to and from the property.


Workers Compensation


This is important because even at school, accidents can happen. Some of your personnel could get hurt while on the job and workers compensation coverage will protect the school in the event that the staff member wishes to file suit after an injury. Workers comp could potentially cover lost wages and pay for medical care following an accident and injury on school grounds.




There has been a rise in crime at public schools over the past few years, it seems, and for the safety of your students and faculty, it is important that you talk to your insurance agent about what kind of crime coverage you have available for your specific policy for public school insurance in Indiana.


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