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Three Tips for Proper Post-Tattoo Care

If the body is a temple, then your tattoos are the stained glass windows. Each one is a symbol of something significant to you: A memory, an emotion. Take good care of your new ink by following three simple care steps.

Fresh tattoos are thirsty for moisture, so make sure to rub in a Chapstick-thin layer of an unscented moisturizer to yours several times a day. The best recommendations are over-the-counter lotions like Cetaphil and Aquaphor, but if you live in a legal state, try a topical THC oil like Blue Emu. THC and CBD-infused oils can help with pain and inflammation as well.


Consider your new work of art as an open wound — because, in reality, that’s what it is right now. Avoid letting people touch it or allowing your dog to lick it. Clean it every day at least three times a day with mild soap and rub it gently in a circular motion with your fingertips. Pat it dry with either a clean towel or paper towels.
Avoid Scratching

Once the skin starts to heal, the tattoo starts to itch — a lot. Just like with any healing wound, avoid scratching it. You can not only cause scars and scabbing, but you can damage your tattoo as well.
Anytime you add a new window to your temple, be sure that you take good care of it afterward. Ensure its beauty lasts for years to come!