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Tips for Buying Classic Car Insurance in New Jersey

Classic cars turn heads wherever they go. If you own one of those beauties, you most likely love to show it off, whether it’s on the open road or in a car show. No matter where you take it, there’s always the possibility of it getting damaged or someone being injured. Protect yourself with classic car insurance from a surety company in New Jersey. Here are some tips for getting the policy that is right for you and taking care of your investment.

  • Take pictures of your car, inside and out. Don’t forget to take pictures of the engine.
  • Get an appraisal of your vehicle from a professional. Remember to get a new appraisal after any modifications or renovations.
  • Work with your surety company in New Jersey to find an agreed value of the car. The actual value of your car may not take into your upgrades and the rarity of the car.
  • Make sure that you store your classic vehicle in a garage. Take pictures of your car inside the storage facility as a guarantee of how you left it.
  • Check your insurance policy for the mileage maximum that you’re covered. If you drive more than that, ask about a no mileage limit.

Don’t hide your car in a barn or storage shed because you don’t have insurance. Enjoy your work of art and show it off when it’s protected with the right policy.