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Tips For Handling Old Books

There is nothing quite like the smell of old books. The musty scent of yellowed pages invoke memories of other worlds, other times. These stories deserve to be treated with the utmost love and respect, requiring proper handling and preparation when cleaning library books and other tomes.

Library Insurance

If you are lucky enough to call yourself a librarian or library owner, then having the right insurance for your precious house of books is essential. What if there was a fire or another devastating event? Check out https://www.reganagency.com/important-cleaning-procedures-for-libraries/ to find valuable information on insurance policies.

Acid and Lignin-Free Products

Glue, tape, and adhesive are part of repairing old spines and pages. However, be wary of products that are not explicitly labeled as acid and lignin-free. These are harmful chemicals that will eat away at the paper over time, making them a very bad choice for preservation purposes.

Keeping the Area Dust-Free

Although there’s a sort of wizard vibe when you blow the dust off of an old book, allowing dust to settle over them for a long time ages the paper faster and makes dirt and grime stick to the pages. Run a microfiber cloth over the stacks weekly and vacuum with a soft brush attachment as needed.

All bookworms understand the deep love of the printed word. Treat them with the respect they deserve by knowing how to handle old and damaged volumes.