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Types of Insurance for Auto Repair Shops

Whether you are driving a car or fixing one, vehicles can be a major source of liability. Here are important types of insurance for auto repair shops to keep you from incurring unnecessary expenses.

Garage Keeper’s Liability

Accidents happen not just on the road but also inside the garage. This policy protects you from paying for damages to a customer’s car while it is at your shop.

General Liability

If a customer is injured after slipping in a puddle of oil in your waiting room, this coverage can pay for a lawyer to defend your reputation in court. It also covers the customer’s medical bills.

Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance is invaluable if you ever have to replace or repair your garage. It covers not just the building but also the tools and equipment inside.

Employee Theft and Crime

Even if you trust your employees, you never know when one of their friends or family members might gain access to the shop and steal from you. This policy protects your business from theft, fraud, and dishonesty.

These are just a few policies for auto repair shops. Some are more expensive than others, but premiums usually cost less than the amount you might have to pay without coverage after an incident.