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Weighing Out the Advantages of a Protected Cell Captive Program

Making the right decisions when picking out an insurance plan can make a world of difference to how protected you feel at any given time. Though it might seem as if you have a comprehensive plan in place, there are several areas where your current coverage might not be meeting the unique circumstances of your company. Understanding the basics of protected cells and the advantages of the program can help you understand all the options in front of you.

The Basics of PCC Programs

Basically, a cell captive program is an alternative to the traditional structure of standard commercial insurance. Available as both a single-captive model or a group arrangement, opting for a cell program can be a huge benefit for your organization. Not only are the ongoing costs of maintaining your insurance reduced, but you can also see better results when it comes to taking control of your coverage. Every cell in the program has its own liabilities and statutes, meaning you don’t need to worry about outside interference. Advantages to this program can include:

  • Avoid challenges of insurance market cycles
  • Access to reinsurance markets
  • Reduction of major costs

Consider All Angles

Before you jump at the opportunity to enter a PCC program, be sure to weigh out all of the advantages and drawbacks. Staying on top of the information can provide you with the insight you need to make a sensible choice.