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What Is Your Responsibility for the Safety of Your Employees?

Temporary employees need the same type of safety and security as full time workers, but they often fall outside the purview of any employee insurance. To help provide some benefits to temporary workers, OSHA enacted the Temporary Worker Initiative in April of 2013, which provides temporary workers the same protection as employees under OSHA. It falls to staffing agencies to have staffing insurance to cover and protect these temporary and contract workers.

It is Your Obligation to Ensure the Safety of Your Workers

As a staffing firm, the temporary workers you employ for your clients fall under your liability and workers’ compensation coverage for any unsafe working conditions and other problems your workers may encounter. Therefore, it is up to you to research the host company to ensure that there is a safe working environment for the staff members you send on the job.

You Must Communicate With Your Employees

As a staffing agency, it is your obligation to communicate any health hazards or other risks on the job to the temporary employees that you place. Although the host company may still train and otherwise go over any risks involved, the company is not legally obliged to do so. This also means that any workplace injuries, accidents, illnesses, or other problems also must be communicated directly to you.

With the number of temporary and contract employees expected to continue to rise, you need to protect your workers and yourself with staffing insurance.