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What Qualifies as Violating a Resident’s Rights?

Nursing homes provide important care to an aging community and because this care needs to continue, it’s important these homes have coverage for possible issues. One such coverage accounts for the possibility of violating a resident’s rights. Here is a look at some common violations so a facility manager knows what kind of coverage to look for while comparing nursing home insurance rates.

Nursing home residents have the right to be informed of all facility rules and available services. Residents also have the right to know in advance if their room situation is going to change, such as moving to a bigger or smaller room or having a new roommate. Privacy and the right to complain are also important to nursing home residents. Violating any of these rights, even accidentally, could put a facility at risk for legal and financial charges. For residents in control of their mental faculties, they also have the right to participate in their own care through reviewing treatment plans and refusing certain interventions.

Nursing home insurance rates can vary based on the coverage offered. Protection in the case of violating a resident’s rights should be included in every nursing home insurance policy. This protects a facility even if such charges are brought due to error, accident or neglect.