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What Should Your Yacht Builders Property Insurance Cover?

Property insurance is important for any business. Coverage provided through yacht builders insurance wholesalers can be extensive and varied, so it’s important to know the specifics of your policy. Here are a few aspects of coverage you may want included.

Business Property

Business property includes buildings and other real estate used by your business. This can include both property that you own and property that you’re leasing. When you have multiple sites for both commercial activities and ship building, this coverage can play an important role in recovery after a disaster.


When you think of filing an insurance claim, you might assume the claim is a result of a fire or natural disaster. But unfortunately, there are unsavory characters who target businesses for personal gain. A good property insurance policy covers theft and other effects of criminal activity, to ensure you’re not left out to dry after becoming a crime victim.

Business Personal Property

While the names are similar, business property and business personal property are two different kinds of coverage. BPP covers any property owned by the business that isn’t real estate. This means tools, computers and other items that make the day to day activities of business possible.

When seeking insurance with yacht builders insurance wholesalers, it’s a good idea to know the ins and outs of your policy. Understanding the extent of your coverage can give you confidence that the business you’re building is protected.