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What to Look for in Manufactured Homes Insurance

Owning a manufactured home can be a nice alternative to a traditional home, in that it is more mobile and is often less expensive. Once you have purchased one, it is important to purchase manufactured homes insurance so that you are covered in the case of damage or loss.

Highlights of Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured homes include modular units as well as mobile homes. While some insurance companies only cover certain specified perils, there are many that cover the majority of perils so you want to make sure you understand what is covered before you purchase a policy.

Many manufactured homes insurance policies will vary depending on what you are using your home for. If it is a seasonal place or you are renting it out, your coverage will most likely be different than if you were using it as your main place of residence. Ask the insurance company about replacement cost versus actual cash value in the event of a loss, as this can make a huge difference in the coverage you receive.

Research Multiple Companies

When looking for manufactured homes insurance it is always a good idea to investigate a number of insurance companies before purchasing a policy. Ask around for recommendations from friends and family and make sure to ask a lot of questions. Also look for a company that has experience in insuring manufactured properties.