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Who Needs Wind and Flood Insurance?

As an insurance agent, you want to be able to provide your clients with the best possible coverage for their unique situations. For clients who live in a coastal town, it’s important that they have both coastal wind & flood coverage to ensure full protection for their homes or businesses.

Who Needs Wind and Flood Insurance?

Everyone who lives in an area that experiences a hurricane season needs both wind and flood insurance. Typical home insurance policies have flood water exclusions for any and all types of flooding. It’s important that your clients understand that and choose a comprehensive flood insurance policy. Some coastal states also exclude wind damage in general homeowner policies so it’s important for clients in those areas to carry separate wind damage policies as well. 

Coastal wind & flood coverage is important for clients who can see the beach from their homes and for those who live more inland. A hurricane is a destructive force to those along the shore, but for those who live some miles away, the impacts can still be severe. 

Keep up to date with current predications for severe weather and advise clients to consider robust coverage options. Weather patterns change over time and just because a client hasn’t needed wind & flood coverage in the past, it doesn’t mean they don’t need it now.