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Why Are We Still Debating This?

By now the medical benefits of marijuana have been proven time and time again. Research is underway, testimonials are everywhere you look and even medical professionals are beginning to see the light. So why are US lawmakers still keeping it a Schedule I drug?

What Does That Mean?

The federal government has ranked all drugs based on the likelihood of dependency, potential for abuse and its safety/medical use. According to the FDA, Schedule V drugs (aspirin, Tylenol, etc) have the lowest likelihood of users becoming addicted and are considered generally safe for the public; Schedule I drugs are everything opposite of that. The Schedule I list includes drugs like GHB, LSD, heroin — and marijuana.

Complicated Country

As state-by-state legalization occurs around the country, it raises questions. Is medical marijuana covered by insurance, for example? Can you get in trouble for bringing legally purchased weed across the border to an illegal state? Sadly, thanks to marijuana’s Schedule I classification, the answers are no, insurance does not cover it and yes, you are breaking federal law by doing so. If you’ve still got questions, check out what the pros at World Wide Speciality Programs have to say on the matter.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from injury or illness and your medicine is still considered federally illegal, there is no wiggle room; the law is the law right now and you will likely go to jail if you’re caught with marijuana in an illegal state. Until the FDA recognizes the healing benefits of marijuana, the rest of the country must wait impatiently.