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Why Do Theatrical Companies Need Insurance?

Plays feature the talents and skills of a variety of professional workers. The sets create a backdrop for the actors and actresses clad in their stunning costumes to deliver lines that make us laugh, cry or think. Whether you work for Broadway, Off Broadway or the local theatre group, your theatre troupe needs entertainment insurance to protect against financial loss.

Traveling Locations

Some troupes travel from place to place to entertain. Traveling from place to place needs the added protection of touring liability. If the show must be cancelled, cancellation and non-appearance insurance help the company recoup costs.

Fixed Locations

Theatrical plays and musicals performed in a fixed location have slightly different liabilities as traveling troupes. If an actor falls or there is a theft, the troupe still needs insurance protection to keep them performing.


Festivals allow the public to see a variety of acts in one location. Renaissance festivals offer theatrical opportunities along with fair food, daring acts and education in one place. Weather conditions could affect the props, sets and wardrobe of outdoor festivals.

The needs of your theatrical troupe may be different depending on where you are at. One lawsuit could cause significant hardship to the business. Entertainment insurance keeps your troupe performing to the delight of a full house for years to come.