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Why You Need a Watercraft Liability Policy

If you use a boat or other watercraft during your company’s daily operations, you might be surprised to learn that your general liability coverage probably won’t cover property damage or injuries sustained on the vessel.

Here is why you should think about a separate watercraft liability policy.

Contractual Coverage

If your business rents boats, then you usually are responsible for damages to the vessel. Your general liability policy won’t normally cover watercraft that is in your care rather than property that you own. No matter if you rent the boat or own the boat, you should have a separate policy to ensure that you are covered if anyone sustains injuries on the vessel. Otherwise, you will have to pay for injuries out of pocket.

Non-Owned Coverage

If you do not own the boat and it is over 26 feet, you may not be covered by general liability if someone is injured on your boat. If you have your guests pay to cover the rental cost, you need watercraft liability to cover injuries and damages.

When using a boat or watercraft for your company, you need to consider what your general liability policies will cover. If someone is injured or damages the vessel, you may not have coverage under a typical general liabilities policy.