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Why You Should Acquire Insurance for Your Marina

For those that own larger fleets or property, acquiring marina insurance is key in running your investment properly. Although you may not think you may need to insure certain parts of your harbor or marina, it is better to be safe than sorry. Each company offers a variety of coverage options that can help you build your perfect package. Here are just a handful of policy types that encompass a company’s options.

1. Hull Insurance

Boats are usually busy during peak seasons. You don’t want to have to pay out of pocket for any damages. This insurance helps safeguard against any accident that can occur towards boats that may be rented or used on your property.

2. Liability Insurance

Although we would a love property that is free from accidents, there may instances were collisions or crashes may occur. Be prepared to cover any financial requirements of these situations with this insurance.

3. Fire Damage

In case of a fire-related incident, this coverage is vital to any commercial location. Certain companies may also change your insurance costs depending on your safety measures.

4. Natural Disaster and Pollution Insurance

Insurance covering natural disasters is relevant especially to those with ships located along hurricane prone coasts. There may also be potential oil spills that can affect the overall health of your property.

These are a few examples of the large number of policies that can be include in your marina insurance. Contact a trusted company to build your best coverage.