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Why Your Business Needs Errors & Omissions Insurance

Do you own a business in New Jersey? If so, you need to make sure all of your insurance policies are up to date. So many businesses are under insured in many areas. One aspect of coverage that is often overlooked is errors & omissions. If you don’t have this type of insurance then you could be at risk. Learn about how crucial NJ errors & omissions is.

How It Works

Errors & omissions exists to cover losses that may result due to mistakes made by employees. Transactions can go haywire and various mistakes can be made with clients. If these errors result in a lawsuit then this type of coverage can protect you. Some errors that are covered include:

  • Failing to place bids
  • Making mistakes on forms
  • Defective designs
  • Miscommunications

Omissions that are covered include neglecting a duty and failure to inform. These things happen frequently in the workplace so it’s important that you have NJ errors & omissions to protect yourself. It fills the gaps that a general liability plan doesn’t cover.

Make the smart decision for your New Jersey business and get yourself properly protected. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to lawsuits. Do the right thing and invest in an NJ errors & omissions insurance plan for your business.