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Why Your Business Needs Valet Parking Insurance

If you provide parking services to customers, chances are very good that your general liability policy doesn’t include provisions for damages to customer vehicles while your staff is behind the wheel. That can be a problem if there’s a claim to be made. It’s also a fact that traditional vehicle insurance policies for businesses do not anticipate a situation like valet parking. That’s why robust valet parking coverage options have been developed by insurers who focus on the entertainment and hospitality industries. With specialized coverage just for your valet services, you can be sure your business is protected in the event of an accident with customer vehicles.

The Value of Working With Specialized Insurers

While most businesses can find robust general liability, commercial vehicle, and property protection coverage from most business insurance providers, working with a company that specializes in the needs of one industry means having more options, getting the coverage that’s tailored to your needs more closely, and usually saving money. Many carriers can help you by building a comprehensive insurance plan that includes options like valet coverage alongside your general liability coverage while folding in other industry-specific insurance policies as needed. That saves you the time and effort of tracking down a provider for each new type of insurance you realize you need, and it usually saves you money too.